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    ShareRing is the world’s first system designed specifically for you to share things with others. There's no fuss and no currency exchange fees, no matter where you are or what you're sharing. ShareRing are the developers of the ShareLedger blockchain, a ‘smart service system’ that makes it far easier on a global level for millions of customers to access, and use on demand, a wide range of assets within the fast-growing sharing economy. This newly emerging, but highly fragmented industry, is currently worth over $100 billion. It is predicted to grow to at least $335 billion by 20251.

    ShareRing™ maintains it can be the Amazon of the sharing economy. Why?

    Simple -ShareRing™ will enable you, and millions like you, to use a single app that gives you access to any available asset you wish to rent, borrow or share anywhere in the world at any time. ShareRing™ has incorporated a number of core elements that together create the smart sharing on-demand service system. These elements are:

    • A custom-designed distributed blockchain (ShareLedger), which is already in development. ShareLedger will be harvesting one of the most recent developments in blockchain technology, i.e. a dual token mechanism. ShareToken (SHR) will be used as the utility token of the platform, while the second token, SharePay (SHRP), will be used as the currency for sharing services. If we were to think of this as a running car, then the analogy would be that we are providing both the fuel and the oil needed to run it, whereas most other companies and blockchain projects simply provide the fuel!
    • Aspects of a proven platform and API which are already being used worldwide in the sharing economy.
    • A clever, integrated smartphone app
    • Ongoing mechanisms for creating a strong and growing network of providers and users


    • Bounty
    • Token SHR
    • Token Sale: 03/06/2018-03/07/2018
    • Price: 1 SHR = 0.02 USD
    • Country: Malta

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    • Tim Bos Co-founder & CEO
    • Rohan LePage COO
    • Neville Christie Investment Director
    • Peter David Non-Executive Director
    • Jane Sadler-Kidd Non-Executive Director
    • Barry Brewster Non-Executive Director


    • Trang Senior Developer
      Trang is an experienced back-end developer with an extensive knowledge in network, cryptography and blockchain. With a Bachelor of Science degree from Vietnam National University, Hanoi and a Masters degree from Norwegian Technology National University and Aalto University, Finland under Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, she possesses highly sort after academic qualifications and technical skills.
    • Trung Senior Developer
      Trung is a highly skilled developer and leader. He has a Bachelor and Master degrees in Information Engineering from Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. With 10 years' experience in software development of embedded, backend, telecom, desktop applications
    • Tan Developer
      Tan is a passionate developer who loves to work with core system programming where software has very low tolerance for failure and where clean architecture, as well as design pattern, is applied rigorously.
    • Tung Developer
      Tung works on the development of web applications and blockchain technology for ShareRing. He has extensive experience with developing web applications provided the fundamentals of blockchain technology and has enabled Tung to implement these skills to the Android Platform.
    • Manh Backend Developer
      Manh has seven years' experience in web development with tools like Python and NodeJS. He gained a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Thang Long University.
    • Helen Palmer Global Community Director
    • Alayne Bholander Social Media and Admin Manager
    • Phương COO Assistant
      Phương does many things to assist our Chief Operating Officer and in running the ShareRing Vietnam office.
    • Andrew Mitchell Community Manager, Australia
    • Stephanie Duncan Marketing and Business Development Manager, UK


    • Richard Kastelein Blockchain and ICO Veteran
    • Ting Y Chan Principal and CEO of Dominion All Services Ltd
    • Gary Palmer Chairman, TECS Austria
    • Adrian McCullagh Solicitor on IT law
    • Christopher Emms Entrepreneur
    • Jonathan Galea Blockchain Advisor
    • Anna Melton Cryptocurrency Evangelist
    • Chelsea Rustrum Advisor

    More about the team here.

    Token Sale Information
    • Token Sale Hard Cap $
      38 000 000 USD
    Accepts Currency


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